Test Your Speed — Hunt Antelope

Interested in a fast-paced hunt on over 56,000 acres of land? Our guided hunts at Pasamonte ranch provide an elite antelope hunting experience, and with no draw you can go this year.

Our antelope are the highest quality possible because we let them free roam over thousands of acres of land filled with high-protein grass and mountain mahogany shrubs. The record-setting antelope found on the ranch are some of the quickest and strongest of their species, making for an optimal trophy.

Looking for wide-open shots to test your precision and speed? Maybe a top view from canyon rims or mesa trees for ultimate point range? Our guides support you in your hunt, equipping you with what you need to get the best bang for your buck. Challenge yourself, hone in on your skills and pull that trigger. Then we’ll take care of preparing your trophy, cleaning and caping, so you can rest easy after a job well done.

Must be physically fit enough to hike through rough terrain.

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