Craft Your Precision — Hunt Mule Deer

At Pasamonte Hunts our guides take you on a turnkey hunting experience with no draw and low hunting pressure. Our mule deer are the cream of the crop because they feed on the abundant protein-rich mountain mahogany on our ranch.

The mule deer face little to no competition with domestic animals and are free to roam on over 50,000 acres of land. Through our expert guidance you will have plenty of opportunities to find a challenging long shot and bag a trophy-size mule deer.

We will guide you through the vast terrain and supply all of the hunting trucks, ATVs and UTVs you’ll need to hunt across our 56,000 acre property. After you pull the trigger on your mule deer your work is done — we will clean, cape and prepare your trophy so you can kick back and relax in our onsite lodging facilities.

Must be physically fit enough to hike through rough terrain.

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