Hone Your Skills — Hunt Trophy Elk

Looking for your next hunting challenge and wanting to take it a step further? Pasamonte Hunts is a 56,000 acre no draw ranch where we can provide a thrilling trophy elk hunting experience.

Our trophy elk are not just above average — they are incredibly large to even record book size. Roaming on thousands of acres of vast, quality habitat and feeding on protein-rich mountain mahogany shrubs, these elk are exceptional trophies for your next hunt.

There is limited competition with domestic animals and a limited number of bulls harvested on our ranch. There is also no fencing, so this fair chase animal will be a challenge for any hunter’s skill set. Our guides will give you the perfect test for your skills, including long-range, wide-open shots over the flat land and from the tops of canyon rims. Once you pull the trigger you can rest easy while we do the rest: Clean, cape and prepare your trophy elk.

Must be physically fit enough to hike through rough terrain.

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